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La Casa

Surrounded By Nature

Casa Chulada is a beautiful place to rest, play and enjoy family and friends. It is a home but it is also an experience. In a prime and secluded location on Playa Troncones, Casa Chulada offers a well furnished home and apartment designed primarily by the owners, Teri and Sid, in collaboration with local builders, landscape designers, gardeners and architects. Built in the Hacienda architectural style, it is beautiful, inviting and rich and at the same time it’s cozy and friendly.

We would love to share with you the pleasure and peace that we experience when staying in our home and the surrounding gardens filled with flowers and fruit trees. We’d also love to share with you the experience of living on the Mexican coast in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

We have solar panels for an energy efficient electrical production and our own generator so that we don't run out of energy if the power goes out.



Each bedroom in the house provides comfort and solace for those moments when you want to the rest or just be alone. All on suite bedrooms are furnished with high quality bed linens and towels made of natural fibers creating an environment for luxurious and pampering moments.

Casa Chulada is a perfect place for meditation and relaxation, where the sound of the waves and the songs of the birds provide a backdrop for the quietness in which it is possible to become tuned into nature and oneself. Still, you will not be far from a traditional Mexican village with small stores and local life as well as fine restaurants and access to many wonderful activities.

If you love to cook or just want an intimate, relaxed family meal, our dining room and well equipped kitchen will please you. They are large and ample spaces for cooking and eating together. Our outdoor living spaces between the house and the beach include a dining area and kitchen with a BBQ grill and a pizza oven as well as a shade structure for lounging.

We keep our pool relatively chlorine free by treating the water with a copper and silver ion system for cleanliness and safety. There’s also an outdoor shower and pool bath nearby. A path and sloping stair takes you down to the beach and the new beach Palapa. The front garden is an open space great for eating, drinking, reading and other relaxing moments.

Feel the Place

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